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Included in the compiler source & binaries is an [Ant] task that aids in compiling JavaFX Script programs.

Its fully qualified class name is: com.sun.tools.javafx.ant.JavaFxAntTask

Usage Example

A usage example can be seen in the "chris" subfolder of the compiler source sandbox folder.

Importing the task into your ant file looks like this:

       <property name="javafxc.home" value="change/me"/>
       <property name="javafxc.class.path" 
       <taskdef resource="javafxc-ant-task.properties" classpath="${javafxc.class.path}"/>

And actually calling the compiler looks like this:

   	<javafxc srcdir="." destdir="." includes="**/*.fx"

The javafxc task takes the same parameters as Ant's javac task, plus the compilerclasspath parameter.

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