Planet JFX

This page serves as a catalog of both official Sun demos of JavaFX and those built by the community. Feel free to add your demo apps to the list, either as an external link or to a Planet JFX wiki page which describes the details.

Sun Microsystems Demos

  • JavaFX Script JavaFXPad Demo - a lightweight tool that allows you to interactively create graphical elements using the JavaFX Script programming language. It consists of a code editor and a canvas. Whatever you type into the code editor will be displayed in the canvas. It also demonstrates the benefits of JavaFX Script being a statically-typed programming language, providing code-completion and as-you-type validation, in addition to syntax highlighting.
  • JavaFX Script Studiomoto Demo - a partial recreation of Motorola's StudioMoto web site using the JavaFX Script language. This demo shows how rollover and other animations used in the StudioMoto web site can be easily created using the JavaFX Script language.

Community Demos