Planet JFX

I must say that on first sight I wondered why we need yet another scripting language in this world. However, as I learned more about JavaFX, it striked me immediately how similar it is to HyperTalk,the scripting language for HyperCard. For those who don't know, HyperCard, like the Newton, was another one of Apple's wonders that was too early for its time that worked as a stack of cards metaphor. It was strikingly similar to the browser and served as its inspiration, for what became known as wikis, among others.

I can't help but to wonder how well a HyperCard-like platform that uses JavaFX would fit as a RIA and the next generation wiki:

Scripting permissions provided, imagine being able to author a Web application "on the fly" by dragging and droping objects on a page and contrl-clicking to edit their scripts. Imagine a platform that has a clearly defined event-passing mechanism that can intercept an event or a message. Finally, imagine having a small window (the message box) where an arbritrary message can be typed into this message path, all the way to the application...

These were key features in HyperCard and I believe they can be made possible with JavaFX. Any thoughts?